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Do not let carpets in your home stay dull and full of dust and dirt. Take advantage of the many carpet cleaning tips shared below to enjoy great floor treatments in your home or office. Every tip covers a specific topic and is pretty straightforward. Apply it properly and you will get an excellent result.

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The best tips for pet stain & odor removal. Clean your carpets effectively with our smart tips!
Get rid of stains with the right homemade solutions! Learn more about them and how to keep the whole house neat and clean.

Protective blocks between carpets and furniture

Newly-cleaned and wet carpets can melt the finishing coat or varnish used on your furniture. Ascertain that this does not happen by putting protective blocks to temporarily elevate your furniture, to prevent them from getting exposed to carpet cleaning chemicals. Some cleaning solutions may corrode metal furniture.

Using homemade solutions

Carpet cleaning solutions made with materials found at home can be much more effective in removing dirt, stains and odors from your carpet than commercial products. You can learn the different combination you can create with the items you have at home to easily deal with simple carpet stains.

How to remove gum from carpet

If you're unlucky enough to have your kids spit out gum on the carpet or if someone accidentally stepped on gum outside before coming in, then you should know that oil is your friend.  Pour clear baby oil or cooking oil on the gum to reduce its stickiness. Use a paper towel to pull out the gum. Spot clean the area with a mix of water and dishwashing soap to remove the oil and gum residue.

Deep carpet cleaning every six months is ideal for families with kids

On the one hand, children tend to bring more dirt into the house and to leave more stains compared to adults. On the other hand, they are more vulnerable to dust, pollen and other allergens which can reside in the carpet.

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