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Learn how to keep your carpets clean at all times, and maintain its excellent condition by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page. We have gathered the best answers coming from the specialists. Continue scrolling down, it’s worth a try!

Can heavy furniture affect my carpet?

Heavy furniture such as cupboards, beds and sofa chairs can leave unsightly hollow marks or indentations on the carpet. This is caused by the crushing or damage of the pile fibers caused by the added weight. If not treated properly, severe indentation can become permanent and difficult to repair. Carpet Cleaning Buena Parktechnicians suggest that steam cleaning and hand grooming can help reduce the damage to carpets caused by these indentations.

What should you do before the carpet cleaner comes?

While waiting for the carpet cleaner to arrive in your home, most cleaning experts say that you should just sit back, and wait. This is because most experienced carpet cleaning contractors are well-trained at safely moving heavy furniture. However, for your sake, as well as for your protection, it would be advisable to safely move and store fragile items and equipment such as valuable items, jewelries, electronic appliances, from the rooms which require thorough carpet cleaning. This ensures that all your valuable personal items are safely tuck away, before the rug cleaners do their work.

Should I get rugs or wall-to-wall carpets?

Aesthetically, they are both beautiful. Wall-to-wall carpets will give the impression of uniformity if chosen in one color for all rooms and wool rugs are very elegant. In terms of convenience, wall-to-wall carpets will allow you to feel warmth and comfort walking barefoot but in case of water damage, you'll be in trouble.

If the stain is small, should I still use water when cleaning the carpet?

Carpet cleaner experts over at Buena Park suggests the use of water no matter how small the stain. However, make sure to use only a small amount as you do not want the water to make the stain spread into the carpet’s cleaner areas.

Why are carpet insecticide treatments important?

Our carpet cleaning company in Buena Park advises that you take the opportunity to get some insecticide treatments depending on the type of fabric you are dealing with. This is important because it removes the breeding grounds for parasites that can either make you uncomfortable or cause disease. We provide these treatments to high standards.

Why must carpet stains be cleaned fast?

Instant carpet stain removal will save you from trouble. It's easier to treat stains while they're still fresh. If you spill large quantities of liquids, the pad under the carpet will also get wet and since it doesn't dry easily, there is a possibility of mold growth. Prompt stain removal will keep the fibers beautiful and healthy according to our specialists in Buena Park.

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