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Pet Hair Cleaning

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Tackling Thick Fur

Pet Hair Cleaning in CaliforniaOwning pets is a joy that comes with many responsibilities. Aside from feeding, grooming and playing with your dog or cat, you also need to clean after them. When it comes to fur and shedding, you might often find it sufficient to simply use a roller on your clothes. But what can you do when it comes to your upholstery? What if your Persian cat's favorite place is on the Persian carpet? Then you might find the roller useless, and turn to a vacuum cleaner. Don't be surprised if even after all of this effort you still can't get it perfectly clean. Fur has a tendency to mix with fibers, especially with dirt over time. If you feel like your rugs and sofas could use a clean, take advantage of our pet hair cleaning service!

More than cleaning hair

More often than not, it's not only fur you have to clean. Accidents happen, and you might find it hard to deal with an old and hidden stain you didn't see, one that managed to sink in the floor. Pet stains come in all shapes, sizes and forms - but the good news is – we at "Carpet Cleaning Buena Park" can handle them all and more! With stains come bad odors that often linger even after you think you got rid of the stains. With us, you never have to worry about that thanks to our specialized odor removal techniques. We use safe yet potent cleaning products, pet friendly of course! Call us any time to let us know how we can help out!

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