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Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Method – A Good Option

12/16/2014 Back To Blog

If you are deciding whether you should have dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning for your carpets, remember that these two are not your only options. If you want a procedure that integrates the best of both methods, or something that offers the advantages in either cleaning procedure, you may want to consider dry foam or rotary shampoo cleaning. This relatively simple and fast carpet cleaning method is a good middle ground between dry and wet cleaning.Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Method – A Good Option

Dry foam cleaning is method that makes use of a liquid cleaning agent, usually something thick, to help suspend dirt, dust, and other unwanted materials on the carpet. Once the cleaning agent is evenly spread on the carpet’s surface, a special machine is used to whip the cleaning agent into a foam and lathered into the carpet’s fibers. This special cleaning machine features rotating brushes that efficiently work the cleaning agent into the fibers and bring out dust and dirt. After the whipping process, the foam formed is then vacuumed away.

Suitable Cleaning Situations

While rotary shampoo cleaning may help take out stains and odors, it is not as thorough as steam cleaning. Just like dry cleaning, it is recommended only for quick cleaning needs. The procedure only leaves small amounts of moisture so the drying period is significantly shorter compared to typical wet cleaning methods. Hence, it is a good choice if you need a method that cleans your carpets more thoroughly than dry cleaning but does not take so much drying time. In many cases, this procedure suffices for odor removal and can also be applicable for light stain removal needs. However, it is not the best choice for an annual professional carpet cleaning service. It is also not the best method for mold removal needs.

Moreover, dry foam cleaning is not meant for furniture or upholstery cleaning. It works only on flat surfaces. It works for rug cleaning but is inapplicable for cleaning sofas and upholstered furniture. Before deciding to use this kind of cleaning method, you have to be sure if this is adequate for your cleaning needs.

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